The Perks of Being Unemployed

The best week yet


2017-03-15 12.57.11-1

I promised myself that after leaving my job I will take one week off. Just sleep around, sit a lot and catch on some Netflix. Well, it didn’t go like that. This week was better because instead of staying in and “recharging” I went out.

It started by moving my ass and going to Museum of London first where I was lost in the crowd of people looking at bones and bronze armour. I lost them in Victorian London which was surprisingly not as crowded. Then I went to Tate Modern where I only saw you the open exhibition. I stared at pictures and sculptures for a long time, had a thoughtful face and didn’t understand most of it without being explained to me. The highlight, though, was sitting in their coffee shop. This was only the first day of my “sad” unemployed life.

I went to Notting Hill and Holland Park where I observed the architecture and enjoyed some organic cacao and pear cake. The next day, I had a picking with friends at Southbank – on the pier in the middle of Thames. I made a picture with a Lego Joker at a close-by exhibition and finished with walking through Tower Bridge with ice cream in hand. On yet another day, I went to Shoreditch where I enjoyed real spicy chai latte. And then baking cookies and makeup tutorials … to name just a few things from this week.

2017-03-15 15.36.04

This week was for the things I didn’t have time before or I couldn’t be bothered with in my less than positive situation. It might sound like I was at a lot of places and tried way too much food. However, I appreciated it because I had finally time for my friends to go to those places. I hope I will not lose my new enthusiasm too soon or ever.

But it is time go back to reality – which means work If you can depend on one thing is that catering staff is always in demand.

It was less a period of worry and more like holidays.