Hang in There. It gets Better.

Tired of hearing that it will get better. It stopped giving hope.


Whenever I am asked about my life, I talk about my frustration with applying for jobs: what I am applying for, what is in my CV and cover letter, etc. After all, it is one of the most consuming tasks at the moment.
People show their sympathy and tell me “Hang in there. It gets better.” Granted, it did give me hope. But months later, I am ready to call someone on it.

I feel it has become an easy phrase everyone says to someone who is at least trying but not getting anywhere. They give me examples of that one friend who has made it after years of struggle. Because that one friend is proof that it can be done.


However, there is little beyond that friend which would make me believe. I look at the person I am speaking who is in a similar position: tired of what they are doing, trying to invoke change but failing for one reason or another. My colleagues are proof of that: the people I work with are older than I am but they all have degrees. And they do this job for two or more years. They say that without even noticing time flew by but they stood still.
And still, I hear them repeat the same mantra of it will get better.

Indeed, it is also one of the least helpful advice I have ever got. In that way, it is similar to “If you wish strong enough, it will become true.” It is the mantra of hope.

That is why when I finally broke down and asked back “how do you know that it will get better?
I only got the answer “I have to believe. What else can I do.

Indeed, what else.