In Search of Change

Introduction: This is an attempt to reach the invisible masses and see what will happen.



This is not my first blog. However, it will be the first blog with which I will attempt to fill an existential need. It is an experiment because things have not changed in my life but my current situation has become psychologically unbearable. This is an attempt by a person to reach the invisible masses and see what will happen.

My egoistic self says that many feel the same and can identify with my situation. On the other hand, my discouraged self says I will be only an insignificant drop in the internet’s activity. Especially, because I will try to remain anonymous – as much as this is possible online – and write under a pseudonym.

I will write about everything and nothing: at the moment this blog has no direction beyond its inspiration and need. This is only an introduction to – what I hope will become – an important platform of like-minded people sharing experience and interests. I hope you will keep me company on this ride.

Author: saymacnet

MA graduate from a prestigious university but working a minimum wage job in hospitality. Ready to make my impact on society but stuck in an unvariable situation of work, sleep and applying for jobs. Desperate for change while growing frustrated every day. The average over-educated under-skilled millennial.

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